PUBG Mobile: Jungle Adventure Event added to 1.18.0 – CANCELLED

Posted by Matt June 6, 2020 in PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile Event

Additions to Mad Miramar (released May 7th, 2020) update releases a new Jungle Adventure Event. 

PUBG Mobile just got its most recent upgrade – a Jungle Adventure event on specific maps. Unlike any event I’ve experienced, this PUBG Mobile queue is random. You queue up into the PUBG Mobile Jungle Battle Mode, and there is a chance you will enter into map classic Sanhok under the Jungle Adventure standards. The standards add some voodoo to the game’s mojo. 

In the PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure event, players can rise above the trees in a hot-air balloon, scoping from the air! Jungle fruit now spawns on the ground and can be collected and consumed for multiple effects. Lastly, three unique totems were added, which may regenerate armor, health, and energy, as well as providing critical equipment. Equipment includes, but is not limited to, scopes, helmets, ammunition, and even a barrier totem. 

Beware! The Jungle fruit effect can be either positive or negative. Only the lit totems will give equipment. Unlit totems will only give players their restorative properties. And you cannot shoot from the hot-air balloon. 

The PUBG Mobile developers must’ve done this because it would be too much of an advantage over people on the ground. If you could shoot, all you would need to do to win is pick a hot-air balloon closest to the center and snipe, people, until you run out of ammo. 

Jungle Adventure Event

The PUBG Mobile update and event are available for bothIOS and Android and can be accessed through the event mode queue. As I said before, the entry into the Jungle Adventure, however, is randomized. That’s right, you may or may not gain access to the new mode by queueing up in the event mode, so cross your fingers or grab a rabbit’s foot for luck before you enter. 

I saved the best for last! Don’t forget to collect the event loot. During the event (June 1st – June 14th), playing in Jungle Adventure mode allows any player to collect Totem Fragments. Collecting Totem Fragments is done by interacting with totems on the ground for a chance to obtain Lost Trunks (max one per player per match). 

Taking the Lost Trunks to the Rainforest Hunt Event Page in the Game Lobby gives random loot, including the valuable Totem Fragments. Collecting a total of 7 Totem Fragments allows the player to purchase the event reward – The Summertime Hawaiian Shirt – letting you fit in at any virtual Hawaiian island getaway. 

Tip: You can use the hot-air balloon to search for totems from the air. 

Besides the Jungle Adventure mode, let’s look ahead to what the PUBG Mobile developers have planned for June.

  • Treasure Raid from May 29th – June 19th where players buy-in with Treasure Vouchers to obtain reward items.
  • Online Rewards are starting June 4th to end June 11th. The event has players spend time playing to collect rewards like a Corn suit, Jungle M416, and more.
  • Lucky Egg Event (June 12th – June 23rd)is a mission daily where players collect Lucky Hammers to open eggs for rare rewards.
  • Road Trip (June 12th – June 25th) is a squad event where players kill five enemies in classic mode. The rewards let the player upgrade a vehicle.
  • Daily Deal Pack (June 17th – July 1st) is a “scrap” collecting event, where players can buy or earn scraps to purchase loot like a Rainforest-themed outfit.
  • Sanhok Relic Hunt (June 24th – July 6th) event is the last revealed event. It involves the player completing daily missions to obtain Mysterious Feathers. Which the player uses to purchase rewards like the Jungle Warrior title, Sand Dune – SCAR-L, Casual Stroll Set, and Killer Whale Parachute.

Not on the roster is a larger update that’s been whispered about, a supposed PUBG Mobile only map that’s currently in beta. Check out the link to learn more.


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