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Leading games of the same genre. 

Competition is always a good thing. It creates a drive. For a company, drive means more work for customer attention resulting in newer, better, higher-quality updates. For a mobile gaming company drive also means competing against the competition. In the competition for customer attention in the Battle Royale genre, this means more items, better balancing, adding maps, and even new game modes. It’s true there are downsides to competition, but for now, let us take an objective look at what competition can mean for two big-name games – PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. So follow along as we at MSL breakdown what these two companies are doing to maintain their competitive edge. 

Out of the two games, PUBG Mobile has been available longer. For over a year and a half PUBG Mobile’s player fanbase has developed from about 200 million to an astonishing 600 million worldwide. That is 600 million downloads and 50 million daily active users (DAU). Since the release of a mobile version of COD, it has amassed over 250 million downloads, this however does not include China’s statistics. Sensor Tower and DoT Esports have both reported that COD Mobile has superseded PUBG Mobile and Epic Games’ Fortnite Mobile however miss-informed they appear to be based on the following tweet. This is the beginning of a beautiful competitive streak that’ll last years to come. And that can only mean one thing for the player base…better games! 

Let us keep digging deeper to find out what kind of things we can expect to see in both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile as they are now, and speculate on what kind of things may change in the near future. 

COD Mobile

Game Mode

Reminiscent of a 2014 League of Legends, COD Mobile sets itself apart from within the Battle Royale genre company competition with its wide variety of game modes. Battle Royale is at the top of the list of modes to play, but it is by far not the only type of match. In fact, COD Mobile almost triples the number of modes that PUBG Mobile has. This is no surprise as the COD series has always come equipped with a multitude of game modes to keep the competition interesting and refreshing. 

COD MobilePUBG Mobile
Battle RoyaleBattle royale Solo
FrontlineBattle Royale Duo
DominationBattle Royale Squad
Search and DestroyBattle Royale 1-man squad
Kill Confirmed
Capture the Flag
Search and Rescue


When you enter any of these game modes the first thing you will be assessing is, of course, the graphics. 

Between the two PUBG Mobile has more realistic detailing than COD mobile’s vibrant graphics. This was because PUBG Mobile-based its graphics on realistic-type games, like ARMA and ARMA II and DayZ, where the immersion was driven by the realistic graphics the game provided. COD has also always based itself on realistic type games. However, it seems to fall behind when matching itself up to PUBG. As a result, COD Mobile fails to PUBG’s reach the level sophistication. This isn’t to say the COD franchise has bad graphics. Far from it. I myself at MSL won’t stop to call which I like better; instead, I’ll leave it up to each player to like whichever they choose. 

PUBG Mobile

Now that you decided which graphics you preferred, let us continue our dive into deeper competitive details, such as gameplay and interfaces. 


PUBG mobile’s Unreal Engine presents a more realistic looking game with easy to handle controls, while, on the other hand, COD mobile – powered by the Unity Engine – contains a cleaner layout with better features. COD’s inventiveness stays true to form as with any COD game. COD Mobile includes in the game are gliders, cable-lifts, skill-upgrade portals, and even a sky lift air platform equipped with its own helicopter. 

PUBG did recently attempt to release additional features (one item was similar to COD Mobile’s helicopter skylift) in Jungle Adventure but had to shut it down as a result of the politically sensitive nature of the content.  

User Interface

Both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile user interfaces are attractive and show little difference without looking into very fine detail. Only someone with hours of gameplay in the high double digits and beyond would confidently tell you the difference. Both games have a variety of weapons, equipment, actives (i.e. consumables), and movement features. that can be added to your default loadout. 

Player Interface 1
Player Interface 2

Both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile represent a valuable depth of gaming that draws a player in and keeps them hooked. Either through experience leveling and prestige or battle passes, both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile earned the right to develop strong player bases. We at MSL hope you enjoyed this breakdown and hope to see you soon in a PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile tournament! Grab your squad and queue up!

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