Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone – Insight from XDA-Developers – and an analysis of a unique feature that’ll change mobile gaming for certain gamers.

Posted by Matt June 29, 2020 in Mobile eSportsMobile Gaming

Information leaked about Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone, and XDA Developers was there to pick up the story. XDA Developers state they sourced videos and posters on the Chinese Social Media site Weibo. What was found were “Posters and specs” that had been shared by Lenovo on the website. 

Because information released in China and nowhere else, it is considered a leak. Because of this, according to CNET.com, Levono didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. And 2 of the four photos posted on the XDA Developers post were taken down to comply with a legal notice submitted by Lenovo.

Lenovo's Legion Gaming Phone with pop-out horizontal camera

The phone itself will be named Legion. This name foreshadows the leaked device as the first in a potential line of mobile phone products by Lenovo. 


The Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone comes equipped with a 144hz screen refresh rate and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, putting it on the top tier for mobile device processing speed. Without a 3.5mm headphone jack, Lenovo instead sells Legion equipped with dual speakers. Next are the two USB-C ports. One for portrait mode and one for landscape mode. Both are claiming the 90W charging capability, which Lenovo declares will recharge the assumed 5000 mAh dual-cell battery to 100% in 30minutes. 

Finally, two more features XDA Developers found were the LPDDR5 RAM and a UFS 3.0 capacity. Neither Lenovo nor XDA Developers went into further detail as to what this means for the device.

Lenovo's Legion Gaming Phone


Back in early March, the general manager of Lenovo china mobile – Chen Jin – released a teaser that included the phrase “disruptive new architecture.” He said this to emphasize that Lenovo was working on issues many mobile users have inc common. Surface temperatures and slow charging. With these fixed, it helps solve two big problems presented to every mobile gamer, especially a certain kind of mobile gaming player. 

Further analysis discovered snippets, such as vibration motor, dual stereo speakers, and cooling system. XDA-Developers loosely translated a description of the cooling system design as “long-lasting cooling.” 

“Long-lasting cooling” systems are starting to show up on the market. The Red Magic 5G, released in April 2020, had a built-in “active cooling fan,” and the ASUS ROG 3 that’ll release in July comes with a detachable external “AeroActive Cooler” accessory. Lenovo equipped Legion with all the latest gadgetry meaning certain gamers may want this phone as their primary platform, the single, unique feature of a landscape front-facing camera may sway these gamers to purchase Legion over ROG 3 and Red Magic. 


Back in March, before the COVID-19 outbreak slowed everything down, Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone was seen in package form. The alleged bundle includes “phone, gamepads, wireless earbuds, and a protective case.” (XDA Developers found this information through a Weibo blogger’s post.)


The SIM card’s tray installed on the bottom of the device next to the usual USB-C seen on any new generation mobile device. While the Lenovo Z6 Pro had a 3.5mm headphone jack, XDA-Developers say they failed to find one on Legion. A near-ubiquitous LED light-up flows along the backend in a Y-shaped pattern. The back cover itself resembles a 3D texturized smooth medal complete with Legion logo and slogan. “Stylish Outside” and “Savage Inside.”

Also, Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone comes with something that is starting to become almost a trend in mobile gaming phones – multiple rear cameras. Similar to what is on the ASUS ROG 3. Except, Legion has 2 – 64MP and 16MP- instead of ROG 3’s 3 cameras, one of them is also a 64MP. The Legion’s cameras are not near upper right. Instead, they are in the middle (figure below). 

Mobile Gaming Phone

“Certain Gamers”

With specs revealed, what certain mobile gaming gamer would benefit most from a top of the line device? Everyone surely, but I mean, a unique camera built into the landscape mode of the phone? You must’ve guessed it already – streamers. That’s right—mobile streamers. 

The Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone’s camera may not mean much to some elite gamers who focus primarily on competition, but on a day when there is no tournament going on, it may change your mind. The added landscape front-facing camera gives the player an opportunity no other phone does. The drawback from streaming on a smartphone has always been, and probably will be for the time to come, the limited power source. Streaming is a drain on a battery power supply since it’s multiple programs open at once for an extended period. But Legion supports an alleged 30-minute charge time. A streamer could play for 3-4 hours, take a 30minute lunch break and be back at it again for 3-4 more hours ending on a 6-8 hour shift of streaming. 


XDA-Developer’s discoveries of the Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone were remarkable and may make me a frequent future visitor to the site. I’m not sure of the methods they took to uncover the material listed fully, but that’s a topic for another day anyways. As far as I know, the content here was stated as before-mentioned and should read with that in mind.

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