Interviewing the captain of the #2 Call of Duty Mobile team in North America.

Posted by BlitzBoy June 15, 2020 in Call of Duty Mobile
Hello there, today I will be interviewing Renounce. He’s the captain of the #2 CODM team in North America, Fierce. It was a pleasure interviewing him, he was a cool guy and he had a lot to say. I hope Fierce continues to thrive and maybe even take that #1 spot in the future. Anyway, let’s begin.

Do you think Fierce’s gameplay would change if y’all got picked up by a well known esports organization? Do you think players would start slacking, or do you think they would play even better?

The thing about Fierce is that we all hate losing, especially me. If we do get picked up by a well known organization, we would keep adapting the current metas and play styles to remain as one of the top teams in NA. I would say that if we do get picked up and payed, our players would be extremely motivated, with us playing even better than before.

All teams lose at least one person from their original roster. Is that the case with Fierce? 

We lost many players and including people that were in the team before I was ever picked up. When we started to become #1 in NA, our main 5 (me, Aflows, imVague, Zea1ous, and Retrooz) have been very dominant but with 3 out of the main champion roster that left, it has affected us heavily in chemistry with us sometimes losing due to our ability to frag out or play cohesively.<span style="background-color: transparent

Being one of the best teams in Call of Duty right now, does the pressure get to your head? How do you handle your mental state?

Sometimes being considered one of the best teams in NA is honestly astonishing that we as a team got this far. The pressure to perform and show why you are dominant is sometimes able to get to me. Normally when a team gets second place they are happy that they get a good placing but with me or my teammates getting second place isn’t good enough with us sometimes taking the lost hard and being immature about it. I handle my mental stress by talking with my friends, teammates, and family to vent my problems aloud which helps calm me down especially when I’m not happy about a loss.

Every team has something to improve on, what would that be for Fierce?

I feel that our fragging capabilities for now is fine but something we do definitely need to work on is our ability to work as a team as well as our positioning. With us bringing in new players/talent, we’ve been winning scrims and tourney matches mainly based off our fragging capability.

What do you as a captain plan on doing to overcome those challenges?

We started playing many scrims to test new strategies and positioning as well as going into private lobbies to show each other how we could play better as a team.

How consistent are your team members and yourself during scrims? How active do ya’ll have to be to keep your position as the #2 team NA?

So far, everyone in the team is being pretty consistent with their frags and there’s no worries when someone is having an off-day. We scrim almost everyday with either taking at least a 1 day break every week or no breaks at all.

Does all the different personalities and play types affect the chemistry of the team? 

With most of our roster being filled by new players last Friday, learning how everyone plays on the spot is tough with us sometimes being confused where a certain player plays or acts. But personality wise, Fierce is very accepting towards everyone and our personalities almost never clash.

What do you think about Analysts/Coaches? Do you think they are a helpful part of a team? 

I feel that analysts/coaches are becoming more and more important. We never had a analyst/coach with mainly our whole team watching videos. Some analyst/coaches are lazy which is the main factor to why we don’t have them. But with the current shift in the comp scene, in my eyes analysts/coaches like Zim from Tribe helps anti-strat teams and helps the team become aware of what they are doing wrong and how they can improve.

For the teams struggling to be something incredible, what kind of advice would you give to them?

Mainly to not give up. Building team chemistry is important and scrimming teams better than you would make you improve drastically. Although most of the time top teams would give a cold shoulder to non-tier 1 teams, if you’re able to land a scrim against one to know how tough competition is going to become down in the future, make sure you take advantage of it.

How did Fierce grow to become such a respected team?

Before when we even became known, many teams looked down on us as a waste of time and a team who are just random players who had a dream. But surely using this as fuel, we started dominating the scene with underrated players becoming considered now one of the best such as my old teammates Zea1ous and imVague. As soon as we started winning tourneys, we continued to be humble about it with us not stepping over boundaries of bragging and being cocky

Does anyone on the team plan on quitting CODM anytime soon?

So far none, everyone is motivated especially me to reclaim the #1 spot in NA. Although I know it would take a while for us to reach that goal, I do have confidence that we would be able to take back that spot.

Thank you Renounce for doing this interview with me today. I hope you continue to have a splendid day. Is there anything you’d like to say before I end this interview?

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That’s it for today’s interview. Go checkout all of his socials and also checkout Fierce’s Discord server. If you have a suggestion on who to interview next, comment down below and it might just happen. Have a great day!

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