One of the biggest Critical Ops Tournaments is returning! 32 Teams in total.

Posted by Jordan May 27, 2020 in Critical OpsMobile eSports

The Mobile Sports League is hosting a Critical Ops Tournament! Now in collaboration with the Critical Force (CFE), we’ll be hosting a 5v5 tournament, with 8 teams from Europe, Asia, South America and North America. The tournament consists of 8 teams per region, 4 invited and 4 qualified from MSL Qualifers.

Critical Ops Tournament

Critical Ops Tournament Test season

Welcome readers to another article entry. Today we will be discussing the newest event by us – Critical Ops Tour Season 1. This is going to be our first ever major event which is taking place within 4 regions; North America , Europe, South America, Eurasia. The amount of teams participating will be 8 teams per region. The format will be a single elimination style tournament with up to the finals having a best of 3 and the finals a best of 5. Also there will be some teams invited to this event which will be revealed soon in a fashion which most of you guys have never seen. We have some exciting features which we hope to entertain you guys when we are not streaming.

Where and how to register.

Registration have not opened yet but all tournament info will be on this page : Critical Ops Tournament (Click on it, automatically redirect to tournament page). On that page you can see upcoming games, latest results and the brackets.

Detailed info about Format for Critical Ops tournament.

The first series of matches in our critical ops tournament, the Quarterfinals, will be played in a Best-of-1 format. Each team plays one match against their opponent, and whoever wins, moves on to the next round. The Semi-finals will be played in a BO3 format. Each team has the chance to play three matches and the first team to win two matches moves on to the their region finals. These are also played in a BO5 format. After the Regional Finals, we’re having matches between different regions. NA winner will go against South America winner, Europe winner will go against Asian region winner.


We will be doing loads of promotional content to give out as much information about this tournament which will be in either text form or video form or both. Also we will be doing weekly highlights called MSL weeklys which will be highlights from the past week showing great plays, exciting shoutcasting and maybe some funny moments!

Another feature we are looking to do is interviews where we will do team and player interviews which we will try to give some insight into player/team lives and their daily routine so you guys can know what makes them the player/team they are. Also some players will get the chance to analyze some of their own gameplay and break it down
so you guys know what goes through their head in either stressful situations or well organised plans.

The last feature we will be bringing this season is the technical show where our analysis will be breaking down plays showing you guys what to do and what not to do in situations and why some plays worked and some didn’t which may give certain teams/players some insight to what they may be doing wrong or right.

Well now you guys have known our event and what we are planning for it. We hope to see all of you at it, as a player or as a viewer and we hope you have the most fun as we take you guys on a journey of amazing skill and teamwork and entertainment. Its Improvings singing out here wishing you guys a safe happy day and see you at our critical ops tournament.


Official matches will be streamed at MSL CRITICAL OPS Tournament Youtube channel, including all highlights and everything else.

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