Brawl Stars: From the creators of Clash Royale

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Brawl Stars came out on iOS only in select countries in 2017 and was officially worldwide in 2018. Brawl Stars was created by Supercell the same creators of blockbuster games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and more. The game has been a considerable breakaway from the RTS history Supercell has found success with in the past. In a top-down battle-royale slash MOBA, Brawl Stars hopes to leave a lasting mark on the mobile gaming community.

Brawl Stars

MSL has yet to post an article about Brawl Stars. This post will put some detail into your head about what the game is and how it has come to be known by mobile gamers worldwide. So for those who’ve already played, this will be redundant for you, look ahead to the next post we’ll make about the game for a more exciting read. As for the new players – this post is for you!

Brawl Stars Overview

What is Supercell’s Brawl Stars?

From the makers of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale
Games are under 3-minutes
Selection of Brawlers to choose from
Variety of Game Modes
Multiple Maps per Game Mode
Solo, Duo or Squad (3)
Clans called “Clubs”
Constant updates for balancing, new Brawlers, new skins, new game modes, and new maps.

mobile gaming gameplay

Brawl Stars Game Modes

Gem Grab (3v3): Gems generated from a source in the middle of the map. The first team to collect and hold ten gems for 15seconds wins. Dying will drop any gems you hold, and walking over gems will pick them up.
Brawl Ball (3v3): Soccer…kind of. The ball starts in the middle and must be “shot”(using the fire button) into the enemy goal. Carrying the ball will prevent you from using any ability or weapons, so work with your team to move the ball up the field by either carrying it towards the goal line or passing the ball off between teammates.
Bounty (3v3): Frag map with a three-minute timer. The team with the most frags/stars wins the match. The more frags a player has without dying, the higher their bounty.

Siege (3v3): Attack the enemy tower that shoots deadly missiles. Collect scrap that appears around the middle of the map, to build a “Robot” who will lay siege to the enemy tower. Fall in behind the Robot and let him tank the damage while you and your team attack the tower. The team that destroys an enemy tower first wins.
Heist (3v3): Attack an enemy safe located on either side of the map—first team to destroy the enemy safe wins.

Showdown (Solo/Duo): 10 player Battle Royale. Loot boxes found around the map buff player stats. A poison cloud will close the map forcing players to the middle. Last player alive wins!
Big Game Hunting/Boss hunting: Attack a boss who spawns minions and try to defeat him before the game timer runs out. You can respawn as long as there is at least one team member alive.

The Summer of Monsters

Brawl Stars Updates

As time has gone on, the Brawl Stars mobile gaming developing team has continuously updated the game by balancing brawlers, fixing bugs, and editing the in-house shop system. Not to mention the adding of new characters and maps for the many game modes that they have out now.

From the very beginning, within the first month, there were two updates to the game balancing and bug fixing. This kind of quick return on investment for players showed me Supercell’s commitment and made me want to keep logging back into the game. So far I haven’t been disappointed and I’ve played since 2019 when the game was live for over a year.

Here’s one example of a finely detailed update:
The increased visual ballistic curve for some projectiles (making it more apparent that they fly over things)

Fine detail like this is what brings mobile gaming players back to their login screen consistently. Updates like hero balancing are frequent, but after watching a few tournaments, they are by no means done. This means, the more heroes you know how to play, the more versatile and effective a player you will be. This kind of hero indexing has a very MOBA feel to it that I like.

Brawl Stars Mobile Gaming Outro

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