Area F2 $100k Event!? Invite your friends to win money.

Posted by Finn May 12, 2020 in Area F2

Qooka Games, the developers of the popular tactical mobile fps Area F2, are hosting an $100k event for their player-base worldwide.

Area f2 released globally on April 29th 2020 but had been in beta months before

Qooka games has a recently announced on all their social platforms of an $100k tournament across all regions. The top prizes being up to $2,000.

Lots of videos have been made promoting the tournament. This includes monarch, A pro af2 youtuber who talks about the occasion at the beginning of his tips and tricks video.

We have choosed best video for you guys to understand the event exactly and some tips and tricks.

What must one do to enter? It is simple, all the player must do to enter is send there recruitment code to a friend of theirs and them on the game. As their friend progresses both of them will be rewarded with all sorts of goodies. How long till it ends? It is said that the event will last from May 1st – May 30th. What are the rules for this event? There are multiple guidelines that the developers have set up and it’s important you follow them:

-The event is taken place in four regions separately, you ate not allowed to compete in more than one region

-To validate, the recruited player must reach level before it is considered as a point


It doesn’t look simple as it is, the event has very restricted rules, we recommend from our side to look rules. Because doing something wrong or cheating will lead you to penalty.

The rules of the event , read the carefully
This cannot be left out that, the event has amazing prizepools and motivation to keep taking part of it, first place gets 2000 Dollars, Second 1,500 Dollars and Third Place 1200 Dollars, ,1000,900,800 dollars so on till 100 places. Everyone has possibility to win money.

Go check out more information at the official website for the event!


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