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Quality of life gaming accessories and tips and tricks!

Gaming Accessories

As convenient as mobile phone gaming is, it still shadows in comparison to a console or PC. Your hand slipping across the screen from sweat, a small screen taken up by the UI or your fingers, and limited specs meant to make calls and video chat appointments online instead of running a heavy software for hours. However, some manufacturers have been thinking the same thing – how do we transform a smartphone into a Nintendo Switch like device? Something with more reliability and tact? Well, check out the software and gadgetry we found that tries to do just that.

#1: Use a Controller

One of the most obvious ways to improve your mobile gaming experience is by transferring from touchscreen to physical controls. When it comes to touchscreen vs. controllers or even keyboards and mice, there is no comparison. Controllers have dedicated movements that prevent your hands from sliding too far off course of your intentions. Sometimes I find my character stuck because my thumbs slipped too far one direction or another. Mistakes like that get you shot first in competitive play. 

Thankfully, modern smartphones can connect to controllers. So whether it’s using Bluetooth or a data port connection, you can enjoy gaming with precision and accuracy. 

Be careful, though, because not all mobile games support a controller. Check with the game or online to see if the controller is compatible. Also, look for frequent updates. In 2019 PUBG Mobile had no native support for a controller, but in 2020 the company is selling its own branded controller adapter for smartphones! 

#2: Play on The Big Screen

More than likely, if you are playing on a smartphone, you are playing on the go. However, what about when you’re at home? Why should you find yourself limited by the small screen of a phone when you can take advantage of any television screen at your disposal? With Smartcast on things like AirPlay (iPhone) and Google Chromecast (Android), there is no reason to hold back.

With these two, you can stream your smartphone’s screen to a smart-tv or one that is similarly compatible. While not all tv’s have smart-technology, they can be adapted to suit the same purpose. The iPhone has Apple TV HD, which is compatible with AirPlay and AirPlay 2, and for Android, all you’ll need is Chromecast Ultra. 


#3 Use a Pair of Wireless Headphones

If you’re like me, then sound in games is just as important as visuals. Whether it’s the distinct sound of a weapon or their footsteps as they try to creep up on me from behind, I need 360 degrees of audio sensory to optimize my gameplay. 

Sure, I can hear OK with my phone’s speakers, but in competitive play, I need to be sure about which direction someone is coming. I need something optimal. That’s where wireless headphones come into play. 

The world is long past the point of corded headphones that snag or tangle. So wireless is the way to go. Here’s one that I like. 

#4 Buy a Gaming Smartphone

You’ve probably seen these on the market now and again. Razer Phone 2 or Asus ROG Phone 2. Gaming gear companies selling smartphones? Are we there yet? Good question. I’ll break down the new features they have and let you judge for yourself. 

Now I mentioned the Razer Phone 2. This machine’s refresh rate stands at 120 Hz, effectively doubling the standard for any screen. 120 Hz means that your screen will refresh 120x a second, smoothing the moving image on your screen. A game at 60Hz needs at least 60Hz to play correctly. So imagine you’re equipped with a phone that doubles that power!

Released in Nov 2019, the ASUS ROG Phone 2 also sports a 120Hz screen and a 240Hz screen-touch rate, backed by a Snapdragon 855plus processor; the thing is a beast. The designers built this phone with mobile gaming in mind. ASUS even went as far as to add improved cooling and a place to rest your thumbs

So…are we there yet? Heck yes!

Gaming Smart Phone

#5 Use a Battery Pack

When I first started mobile gaming, I would play until the battery ran out, then I’d hook it up to a charger and have to wait to get back in the game until the end of the full charge. Soon as I bought a new phone, I would swap between the two. (I only needed wifi, not two unlimited plans, and if I was playing at home, this method was perfect.)

Whenever I shopped for phones, I would focus on the phone’s battery. Was it strong enough to keep up? How soon would I burn out the device? I searched far and wide. But what held me back as if I was on the go. Investing in a $10-$30 portable battery charging pack goes a long way when you can’t keep your fingers off the touchscreen throughout your day—getting my dailies done while on the go was essential for a working man who loves gaming.

You don’t need to go as far as I did and buy a second phone. Just get something like a battery case. Mobile means mobile, and a battery pack helps you keep it that way.

#6 Communication Through Software like Discord

Communication between yourself and other players is vital to higher-level play. Setting up groups to play with, practice rounds against other groups or scrimmages against other competitive teams can go a long way to stepping up your game. Not only does it help you practice honing your skills on the battlefield, but it also helps to learn and practice strategies that others think up. 


The more you know about other players’ moves and tactics, the more you can anticipate the playing style of other players, and this gives you an advantage. You will no longer be surprised about an attack or left wondering from where a shot fired. You’ll have already experienced it dozens of times before, and by the time you enter a competition, you’ll have taught yourself how to counter it.

#7 Take Advantage of Gaming Mode 

Multiple Android manufacturers or (OEMs) have added a “Game Mode” option that, when activated, automatically reconfigures a phone when it detects you are playing a game. OEMs have implemented the mode in different ways, but there are standard features across the board. Such as the ability to block notifications (like a DND mode), which is a must while gaming, boost RAM for better performance, disable auto-brightness, and answer calls using the loudspeaker. Mostly, this creates a distraction-free zone, necessary for gaming. 

#8 Reducing Background Usage

Like any computer or console, closing apps you aren’t using saves the CPU for your game. Like a player who cannot focus while distractions are around him/her, your mobile device cannot function at its peak while its using CPU for other tasks.

If you think processors today are made to multi-task, then you are right about that. However, this is only the case when dealing with simple app software, not something as complex and demanding as an MMO game. It’s not like your phone is helping you google search or use a calculator; it’s connecting you to multiple other people on a distant network.  

There are multiple variations among Androids, but the typical way to do this is by selecting the multi-window button and either swiping away open apps or tapping the “clear all.” As for iPhone or iPad, double-tap the home button or swipe to the right and manually close the apps by swiping upwards on each one.

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